Fitting Instructions

1) Using IPA cleaning wipes provided, clean alloy wheel rims.
2) Break the glass vial within the plastic tubed adhesion promoter pen, by cracking it all the way along. Test the felt head on a piece of card to ensure primer flowing then draw around wheel rim surface ensuring good coverage where RIMSAVERS will fit.
3) Allow primer to dry for five minutes.
4) Remove red backing tape and apply RIMSAVERS using top lip as fitting guide.
5) Mark with pencil and cut where ends meet.
6) Apply very firm pressure to ensure RIMSAVERS have bonded.
7) Optional fitting kit. Using adhesive provided to glue joining pieces over gap where ends meet.
8) Let tape bond for 24 hours before driving above 65 km/h or 40 mph.100% bond takes 72 hours.

• Do not fit in cold or damp conditions unless you use warm air to dry and warm wheel surface.
• Any primer residue left on wheels can be removed with IPA wipes.
• Balance weights need to be fitted inside the wheels and removed from lip.
• RIMSAVERS will not stick to wheels coated in low surface energy coatings and cleaners.
• RIMSAVERS will not stick to silicone residue left on wheels from cleaning solutions.
• Inspect on a regular basis and replace if damaged.

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