We have achieved outstanding performance with RimSavers by making the rim protector with a thin wall to make it lightweight, but by using an advanced plastic polymer that is immensely strong and stiff. The RimSaver retains it’s shape on fitment for a professional looking finish. Once installed, they are tight fitting to the wheel and are like a hard shell around the rim surface. A stiff fitting guide lip on the top side and a cold weather VHB (very high bond) tape are used to attach them to the wheel surface. We use one of the very best VHB tapes available that is not dependent on being fitted only in hot conditions like some are. Add to this our highest ever quality wheel preparation kit with specially formulated adhesion promoter pens that contain the liquid in a sealed glass vial with foam applicator head for mess free application and superb retail packaging that fully protects the product in transit and we have a winning combination. We have also added some small injection moulded joining clips to the kits with a tube of adhesive, so even if you get the cut slightly out when sizing them, you have a piece to cover the join. We’ve thought of everything. RimSavers are predominantly designed for the modern flat rimmed wheels common today, but will fit rims with a slight curve to the edge.

RimSavers Pro

RimSavers Pro is a brand new design of rim protector invented by our design team. Made from a more rigid polymer and supllied in 1.9m lengths in trade packs. to fit wheels up to 22″ diameter. The Pro version is simply cut to the correct size, to match the wheel circumference and then joined during fitting with a choice of our chrome effect, gold effect or colour matched ABS clips. Due to the more rigid nature of the product and the way it extends beyond the profile of most wheels, RimSavers Pro offers a superb level of protection and are finished with a smooth high gloss surface for easy cleaning and come in a range of 10 colours. The RimSavers Pro gives such a professional looking finish every time and are suitable for car dealers, lease and finance companies, car manufacturers and tyre shops. The Pro version is undergoing final stages of production & testing for launch summer 2016.

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